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Acekard 2i

AceKard 2i DSi compare~$18.95 AceKard =Price/Value Buy AK2i


R4i SDHC compare review~$20.00 Top R4DS Card 4 DSi Buy R4 DS SDHC

M3i Zero

M3i Zero DSi M3 vs~$26.95 M3DS and M3i for DSi Buy M3 ZERO


SuperCard DSTWO SCDS2 ~$39.95 SuperCard DS2 Buy SCDS2

NDS / DS Lite or DSi and DSi XL Compatible cards

Which type of card should you pick?

Cards compatible with DS Lite will be cheaper and DSi versions a little more expensive. Get the DSi version only if you realy need it

If You plan on upgrading to DSi or even XL in the near future I would suggest an (i) compatible R4 DS Flash Card, but consider that You will most likely want to have a card for the old NDS too. So if you have a DS original or DS Lite your second card could be the cheapest R4 DS SDHC. Best DS Flash Cards

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Compare DSi Flash Cards to Know which Suits You Best

So you’ve finally decided that the camera and slimmer, slicker design and slightly larger screen are enough reasons for you to upgrade or purchase a DSi. Your next step would be finding the best DSi Flash card for your other-game activities. To do this, you will need to compare all DSi Flash Cards.

What is a DSi Flash Card? A DSi flash card or cartridge looks exactly like a DS game card except it has an internal memory or a micro sd slot. DSi flash cards enable you to store and transfer files. They include software that lets you play music, videos, and homebrew.

Homebrew are independent games or applications software developed by programmers or hobbyists outside game development companies. Examples of homebrew are: DS Twitter, a twitter app for your DS; DS Organizer, which features a calendar, organizer, browser, and calculator; and Colors DS, a kind of drawing tool similar to Paint Tool SAI. In some cases, flash cards are used to play pirated games; however, in some countries this is illegal.

Finding the item that suits you best and gives you your money’s worth is not an easy task, but you can narrow down your choices if you compare all DSi flash cards. Here is a closer look at the different DSi flash cards/carts out in the market:

  • Acekard 2i. This is one of the most popular DSi flash carts out in the market. It uses a Micro SD for memory storage and supports homebrew. It also has drag and drop software. It has a built-in file operation system where you can copy, paste and delete your stored files directly in your DSi.
  • SuperCard DSTWO. There are a lot of good things that are better in SuperCard compared to all the other flash carts out in the market. Its selling point is its high NDS rom compatibility and DS homebrew game support. Exclusive GBA, SNES and MAME emulators + Avi / DivX / Mkv / Video playback without a need to convert it and an overwhelmingly large online support group.
  • CycloDS Evolution. This flash cart boasts of a European design with added functions that make it different from your typical flash cart. It has in-game LCD brightness adjustments and an in-game reset option. You can also save anytime in your game. It also comes bundled with cheat codes for more than 300 popular NDS games. You also need not patch your homebrews for them to work in your CycloDS flash cart.
  • DSTTi. If you compare all DSi flash cards you’ll see that the DSTTi isn’t that different, except for the fact that its menu has a different format. It is the second commercial DS flash card that was launched in the market.
  • EZ-Flash Vi. This flash cart functions like a regular flash card except when you buy their package they put in some extra accessories, such as: a stretchable metal stylus, thumb finger pen, screen cleaner and a small cartridge case. They also offer online support for software updates and troubleshooting.
  • GS D6 – Real. This flash card offers all the basic features you need for your gaming and homebrew software and boasts of a compatible 8GB memory storage. It also boasts of an E-book reader and a Picture-viewer for several different formats.
  • iTouch 2.  The main selling point of this flash cart is the fact that you can load and play movies with ease. You can also store up to 8GB worth of memory thus serving its special feature well. They also have an online website for software support.
  • M3i Zero. This is nothing more than a repackaged M3/G6 Real Cartridge. Its main selling point is that it is upgradable. This is useful in case Nintendo decides to upgrade the DSi’s firmware. However, Acekard already beat M3i a couple of weeks early when Nintendo did decide to upgrade their firmware.
  • R4 SDHC and R4i SDHC. R4 and R4i may look exactly the same, but the difference lies in the software. The R4 SDHC works for DS Phat and DS Lite, while the R4i is compatible for all generations of DS systems. Both have the same features for homebrew and NDS ROMs. The main difference can be seen in the price. R4i is more expensive, so if you’re not planning to get a DSlite it’s best to stick with the R4.
  • EDGE and iEDGE. Aside from the regular functions of a flash cart, EDGE boasts of having up to 32GBs of micro SDHC memory. It is also cheap and easy to use. Moreover, a list of new DS game releases that are playable with EDGE is available in their website, aside from online support.
  • DSONEi. The strength of this flash cart is in its flexibility. It has a host of built-in ROM patching options that will help you with new game releases. The downside is that it works with the old moonshell firmware which is good for multimedia but is a bit slow for menu browsing.
  • EX4i DS. The main selling point of this partial SuperCard DSTWO clone flash cart is that it has the most support for multimedia functionalities than anything else out there in the market during its time of release. It has built-in music and movie players, a functional e-book reader and a multi-format picture viewer. This flash cart is perfect for those who want to convert their DS systems into multi-media tools.
  • iPlayer DS. As the name of the flash cart suggests, its main feature is playing movies on your DS, DS Lite and DSi without converting video formats. It also has a clean and beautiful-looking multimedia player.
  • EZ Flash 3-in-1. Unlike all the other flash carts mentioned, EZ Flash is inserted in the Slot 2 of your DS Lite or DS Phat and is thus not compatible with the DSi unit. Its first function is that it enables you to load GBA games stored in your regular flash cart that you insert in Slot 1 of your DS system. The second function is that it can serve as a memory expansion pack. Lastly, it can be used as a stand-alone game card for GBA games or DS rumble pack.

 After you compare all DSi flash cards you can more or less take your pick. Always remember to choose wisely when buying a flash cart for your DS. Also, see to it that the card you want is sold legally in your country. All the flash carts/cards mentioned here offer many similar features, but have different online support and packages. Likewise, know what specific features you want your cart to focus on. Lastly, consider the price of the cart alongside quality and quantity of features.

What microSD card size to pick?

the avarage size of a NDS ROM is 64 MB, so 2 GB card on avarage can hold ~30 Games!

All odern DS Flash Cards use microSD cards for storing teh roms. Older R4DS cards were limited to regular microSD with sizes of up to 2GB, but most NDS/DSi Flash Cards these days support SDHC versions of the micro cards, so You can go as high as 32 GB!

micro SDHC card in your DS Cartridge can be upgraded changed at any time, but I would suggest you get an 8GB microSDHC and get one of the fast cards (Class 4 or higher)

This way You will have space for a 100 games + a big MP3 collection and even some movies!

Size DS ROMs MP3 files
2GB ~ ~
4GB ~ ~
8GB ~ ~
16GB ~ ~

Special Features of the DS Flash Cards

  • AK2i
  • R4 SDHC
  • CycloDS Evolution


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