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R4i SDHC upgrade WiFiNintendo R4i SDHC cheapest R4i card for DSi

With the advancement in NDSL / NDSi Flash Cartridge technology, there are a lot of innovative things that come up in order to help people in their gaming needs. Just as the same as the original R4DS for NDS / DS Lite, the Nintendo R4i SDHC for DSi captured the scene and gave people various features with just one card. This R4i is a cartridge-based storage that is used in DS console system.

Nintendo R4i SDHC is the latest kind of the R4 DS card line. In fact, it is considered as the next generation slot one flash card. Compared to the previous R4 DS version, this R4i was made specifically for the objective of carrying the same functions and features to the Nintendo DSi system. The new R4i offers large memory SDHC and can process desirable functions and advantages compared to other gaming card adapters in the past. The noticeable distinction between R4i SDHC and other R4i cards is the fact that all the latest version of the card is made to take in the micro SDHC cards.

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(Updated Nintendo 3DS Compatible version of this card is being sold under the name R4i 3DS and R4i SDHC 3DS. The only difference from the NDS/NDSi model is the 3DS support of R4i3DS)

R4i SDHC packageThe R4i SDHC is the same as the various Nintendo DS models – it comes in various editions. There are models for the original Nintendo DS while there are some models for the latest Nintendo DSi.

The great thing about the R4i SDHC is the fact that it has a quick loading time and it is compatible with DS, DS lite and the new Nintendo DSi LL. Furthermore, there is the DSTT, which is considered less efficient compared to R4i SDHC.

SDHC cards have surely improved the performance of slower R4i cards such as the format and capacity, multi-language setting, user-friendly interface and power saving features. Aside from compatibility to all NDS games, R4i supports soft-reset setting and cheat-codes. Once you start using R4i SDHC, you will realize that you can have better and more enjoyable games. Not only you can play games on the go – you can also listen to MP3 music and watch movies anytime, anywhere. It is truly a great multi-media enhancer with its higher decoding performance and better picture quality.

Other characteristics and features of R4i SDHC include the following:

  • R4i Cartridge is Flush fitting slot one card for DS Lite, DSi, DS and DSi XL
  • No booting tool needed
  • Supports any SDHC/Micro SD card speed without in-game lag
  • Saves not to onboard chip but directly to MicroSD
  • Automated save type detection
  • Skinnable interface, user-friendly
  • Supports memory pak and rumble pak
  • Almost one hundred percent ROM compatibility
  • Supports soft reset – no need to restart the console
  • Supports download-play, DS Browser, WiFi games


Moonshell media player is the most well-liked homebrew app. This application lets you play MP3 music and it has the cabability to convert your videos easily – from Avi or MP4 to dpg. Aside from Moonshell, there are also other MP3 player homebrew applications that you can use such as the DS organizer software that lets you organize your files for days or weeks ahead.

Nintendo R4i SDHC is the newest and probably the best addition to the R4i family that promises better and more enjoyable gaming.


  • Battery life
  • Average homebrew compatibility


  • Price - cheapest R4i card for DSi
  • User friendliness – easy setup and use
  • 100% ROMs compatibility
  • Homebrew support
  • Expandable MicroSD memory
  • MicroSD card USB reader
  • Generally good game performance without slow downs

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