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    NO$GBA DS Emulator LogoWhat started out as a GBA development tool and emulator for GBA roms is now one of the best and most compatible Nintendo DS emulators.Download NO$GBA.2.6a.zip 158KB
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NO$GBA DS Emulator

The Nintendo DS is one of the best gaming consoles. It has many features aside from playing games; such as taking and viewing pictures, browsing the Internet, built-in music player etc. Nintendo DS games are also cute and engaging. It boasts tons of classic games such as Super Mario titles and Pokemon versions; not to mention the innovative touchscreen games like the Nintendogs and Cooking Mama. As a whole, the Nintendo DS revolutionized fun and gaming. But what if You want to play NDS games on a bigger screen and do it for free? For that We present You the greatest and the best DS emulator called NO$GBA.

NoGBA menu

Originally it started out as an emulator for classic GameBoy and GameBoy Advance games, the NO$GBA is the most popular Nintendo DS emulator as of the moment and its popularity is well deserved. It can run on Windows 7, Win XP, Windows Vista and even MS-DOS platforms. First released in 2002, the latest version 2.6 can now play both commercial and homebrew DS game roms. The 2.6a version was available for those who paid a $2.50 USD donation.

The NO$GBA is considered the fastest working DS rom emulator; it can run most Nintendo DS games at full speed on most computer processors. Game Boy and Gameboy Advance games are also playable. It also best because it can play games with the least video and audio errors (graphics and sound glitches are very possible for all emulators). Its creator, Martin Koth, released the first version of DS-capable NO$GBA in May 2005.

For programmers out there, the NO$GBA has its own development tool. The NO$GBA Debugger is designed for testing and debugging GameBoy Advance and Nintendo DS software on PC. It is made for programmers, and unplayable for gamers. The Debugger however is not a freeware, acquisition can be made for a small payment.

DS Emulator Rom Comaptibility with NO$GBA

There is a huge library of GAME BOY, Gameboy Advance and Nintendo DS games compatible with NoGBA. A significant number of them can be near-perfectly emulated on NO$GBA; though it is the best, it is still not 100% perfect. There are also Nintendo DS games that can be run but still with graphic and sound glitches. However, the more famous titles such as Pokemon, Super Mario, Cooking Mama and other classic Nintendo games are compatible. DS fans should not fret, because the least known games such as Ninja Reflex, Hotel Dusk Room 215 and Lost Magic are not playable.

NO$GBA Emulator Download Latest Version

Overall, the NO$GBA is the best emulator out there. It can play a significant number of games; and other Nintendo DS emulators can't work that much. The only negative comment is the garbled sound which is due to synching problems and/or still unsolved audio errors Also,there is auto save game, the user will have to do it by himself. Other than that, the NOGBA installation is very simple and easy and its compatibility is excellent. Controls and configuration are very much easy too. Plus points also for the technical support one can get from the NO$GBA community, which is still going strong. If anyone wants to save up bucks from buying the real Nintendo DS, then the solution is the NoGBA.

Q: Can I play Pokemon Roms with No$gba?
A: Yes - NoGBA works with all Pokemon Roms and You can even use it to play Pokemon White DSi on NO$GBA and the new Pokemon Black. Both Japanese and patched English version works.


Download No$GBA NDS emulatorDownload NO$GBA.2.6a.zip 158KB


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