DS Homebrew

In itself, the Nintendo DS is already one amazing gaming system and many people will agree with this. But, when you add R4 DS card into the equisaion and in addition to that a few dedicated homebrew programmers, you will definitely be able to appreciate this ultra cool handheld console.

What is DS Homebrew?

Nintendo DS Homebrew essencialy is 3rd party unofficial software "home made" for the NDS by hobbyist programmers, as opposed to official Nintendo licensed software produced by a game development companies and corporation. Licensed developers use the official Dev Kits (development tools from Nintendo) when as the DS homebrew software is typically made and used on DS via third-party rewritable game cartridges like R4DS, SuperCard DStwo and AceKard and microSD card.

Featured Game

Pocket Physics - draw an object on the screen and this object will immediately be brought to life and is able to interact with other objects.

Top Emulator for DS

SNEmulDS - a very good SNES rom emulator for the Nintendo DS with a good Super NES game compatibility level.

    Best DS Apps

    MoonShell 2 DS is a multimedia player for the DS. It is also one of the best well known pieces of Nintendo DS homebrew software. It offers a nice File Browser, MP3 Music Player and a way to play video on the DS.

    • Knytt Stories DS - This game has many short levels and you can also see new stories that have been developed by the community which allows any person to play.
    • Pocket Physics - This is a port of the game Crayon Physics for the Nintendo DS.
    • StillAliveDS - This is a puzzle game/ platformer that is designed with a Portal theme.
    • MegaETK -   This Homebrew game is similar to Megaman, complete with power-ups and a really fun game to play.
    • POWDER - Amazing game you will surely love
      VG Hero - Similar to Guitar Hero, this
    • omebrew game has video music that you can enjoy.
    • BrixDS - This Brix flash game port for the Nintendo DS has really cool music.
    • Crocodingus - You have to see this game to believe how amazing it is.
    • Lone Wolf- Flight From The Dark - You can choose your very own adventure in this game complete with RPG elements.
    • LemmingsDS - Lemmings designed just for the Nintendo DS.
    • Setsuzoku no Puzzle - This is another puzzle game designed for the DS but many people have said this is the best puzzle homebrew to be released, ever.
    • PlanetsVsZombies - This is a port flash version for the original PvsZ designed for the NDS.
    • Warcraft Tower Defense - This is sort of like a tower defense game with a really nice Warcraft twist.
    • TetAttDS - This game is the Tetris Attack homebrew for the Nintendo DS.
    • OpenTyrian DS - This is an arcade style game that comes with upgrades. A port of OpenTyrian designed for the Nintendo DS.
    • Glider - This is a flying simulator application by the HtheB.
    • Marble - This is exactly a complete remake of the wood labyrinth classic game and now comes in full 3D version for both screens.
    • Word Up! - You can make use of the DS stylus to come up with English letters to earn some points.
    • DScent - This is an FPS port for the Nintendo DS.
    • Codename Hacker - This is more like a clone for the Chips Challenge and the game is in French. But no worries, the game is easy to understand.
    • Bob's Game Demo - Just check it out.
    • DSDSRevolution - You guessed it right. It is a Stepmania for your console.
    • Shooting Watch DS - This is a 16shot-ish game for the Nintendo DS.
    • Take The Eggs! - This is a remake of the game, Motteke Tamago with Ganbare.
    • Touhou DS - A DS port for Touhou
    • Ripholes in Rubbish - Another one of those games you need to try for yourself to appreciate it better.
    • YouHaveToBurnTheRopeDS - A port for the popular flash application.
    • PuzzleBoy - Very intriguing puzzle game.
    • Munky Blocks DS - Quite a simple game that has Munky in it.
    • Jelly Blocks - This is a port for the Jelly Blocks game
    • RubberBands DS - Another collection of little games for physics.
    • Let There Be Light - This seems like a very simple-looking game but don’t be deceived by its looks because the game can be challenging too.
    • NegativeSpace - A puzzle game that is based on the idea of having negative space around us.
    • Every ExteNDS - More like a suicidal explosion game.
      15th Floor - This is a Nintendo DS adventure game similar to Hotel Dusk, Crimson Room, and Myst.
    • WheeDS 2 - A racing game that is truly fast-paced, WheeDS 2 is similar to FZero and it also supports motion card.


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