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Nintendo DS / DSi Flash Cards that work on 3DS

These are listed in no particular order.

  • R4iDSN / R4i Gold
    - was the first one to be confirm working on Nintendo 3DS and here is the R4i DSN video
  • CycloDS iEvolution (iEVO)
    - compatible with 3DS firmware v2.1+ without any updates needed. It simply works on the N3DS out of the box without any special updates or files needed. Could be that Nintendo simply didn't include this card in a 'black list' because they didn't get it before the release!
  • AceKard 2i (AK2i)
    - to avoid being blocked in a new N3DS firmware update AceKard Team has demonstrated that their card works BUT will release their update only after Nintendo has released EUR 3DS, so that N will not have a chance to test and block it.
    YouTube Video of AceKard3 = AK2i 3DS
  • SuperCard DStwo (SCDS2)
    - 3DS compatible and firmware update files are available
    YouTube SCDS2 Firmware Upgrade and how it work on N3DS
  • M3i Zero
    - just recently got a new F_CORE.DAT file that made M3i Zero work on N3DS in DS-Mode
  • Supercard DSonei (SC DS1i / DSone mini)
    - these cards got the compatibility upgrade at the same time as the DS2 model did.
  • EZ-Flash Vi (EZ5i)
    - Support 3DS if You upload and run the latest kernel files. Also has anti-AP patching.
  • EX4DS (EX4i)
    - Same as SuperCard DStwo has a built in CPU for DivX, Avi playback and GBA, SNES emulators, but the support is not as good and up to date as with SuperCard team which this card was copied from.
  • Amazekard
  • R4i DSHC RTS (R4i Real-Time Save)
    - looks like they have cracked the 3DS but we are waiting for more proof
  • R4iTT (R4DS x TT)
    - another R4i card that has got the firmware update to make it support 3DS.
    Video review of how to upgrade your R4i TT card and get it to work on Nintendo3DS

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more YouTube video proof of R4 DS Cards working on Nintendo 3DS and the firmware update files you need to copy to microSD card to make your flash backup device N3DS compatible.

come back for more reviews, files and updates...


3DS DStwo SuperCard


  • After you press on the icon to launch the game a flash cards game menu appears.


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A Close Look at the Graphics of the Nintendo 3DS
It can be seen that the Nintendo 3DS has actually gotten a boost when it comes to its graphics. Players will see that if they try to play the PS2 Game Metal Gear Solid 3, it really looked even more superior as compared to that of the original game in PS2. In terms of the graphics, it will definitely be far off than that of the PSP2.

The flight game known as the Pilotwings Resort was able to show off its remarkable profundity even though the screen is quite small. While flying around the game's 3D environment on a plane, you will see that the land below looks far away and the plane that you are riding in will simply stand out.

It is also very easy to come up with opinions regarding the game as well. Since you will be equipped with the perception of doing things in real life, it will become more manageable for you to go through the hoops or go under the bridge.
3D has definitely paved the way for more possibilities when it comes to gameplay for the 3DS. As what Nintendo have said, someone playing as a shooter would just have to move the Nintendo DS around in order to control the game and explore the game's environment. You can surely imagine what it would feel like if it were to be combined with exceptional 3D visuals.
On the 3DS, it will also be seen that the features for the wireless communication has also been enhanced. In this case, it will not automatically check on other similar units and try to communicate with it. This will allow you to exchange information like for instance the scores or the items. Though the DS has a feature quite similar to this, you would still have to quit the game that you are playing and go to the mode for special communication.

The probability that you will come to a rage towards another game player through the wireless mode is unlikely. However, the Nintendo 3Ds s going to find other units so that it would be able to send and receive data for the games that you currently have without having to run any game.

3DS Compatible Flash Cartridges R4i and R4DS 3D

Currently there are no R4 DS flash cards that would be 3DS compatible for playing nds roms.
But this may change very soon!

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