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NeonDS Nintendo DS Emu

The NeonDS is an emulator of Nintendo’s latest handheld console, the Nintendo DS and DSi XL. It works on the Windows Operating System (OS) with an independent interface. The makers have recently released the latest version, V 0.2.1; and so far, Nintendo DS on PC fans are pleased with the remarkable graphics and improving sounds.

NeonDS does not require a high end PC for functioning well. Pentium 4 processor, 512 GB to 1 GB RAM and 128 MB video support are enough to run the program at normal playable speeds. It works on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 OS. 

Since the first public version (V 0.0.2) was released in 2008, the emulator has exhibited remarkable optimization. Even if the computer does not have a Dual-Core processor, the emulator can run at an impressive 50 to 60 frames per second (FPS). It even has an exploit system called the OpenGL 2.0. This allows the user to take screen shots of the game!

Development of the software took a giant leap in Version 0.2.0. Here, the makers have finally completed its new 3 dimensional display engine, which enables crisper graphics and the video capturing feature. Many full 3D games became playable, and many bugs were fixed. The NDS firmware settings were also updated.

As for the tactile input on the DS touch-screen, later versions of the NeonDS have been equipped a virtual interface. The window of the program has two screens, like the real NDS. The touch screen works by pressing and dragging with the mouse pointer. The basic directional controls, A-B buttons etc, are operated by the keyboard. The corresponding keyboards buttons are fully customizable.

As of Version 0.2.0, around 200 titles are already playable with the emulator. This is an impressive number of games, especially for a young emulating system. The games include all-time favorites like Bomberman, Super Mario 64 DS version, Super Smash Bros. and Pokemon Dash. Sonic the Hedgehog and Kirby also made a major comeback in the portable console. All these mentioned titles have a “Perfectly Playable” rating in the Wiki Page.

Other popular titles, which are categorized as playable, include Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow, Bubble Bobble series, Dragon Ball Z Super Sonic Warriors, and Megaman Titles. Meanwhile, fans are still eagerly waiting for Mario Kart DS and Sypro the Dragon titles to be completely playable.

NeonDS makers have posted a list of compatible games in their Wiki Page. Of course, not all the titles in the catalog work smoothly. Some crash at the title screen or somewhere in the game, while some games do not run. Some titles also experience blinking screens, while some has choppy or no background music at all.

Before downloading a DS game ROM, it is advised to first check its emulation compatibility in the NeonDS Wiki page. Browsing through the long list is made easy, by the color coded scheme of classification. Green colored titles, which have the label “Perfect,” will work with complete features and without errors. Hence, you will be spared of suddenly hanging in the middle of the game.


Download NeonDS emulatorDownload NeonDS_0.2.1.zip 324KB


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