Q: Why is that eMule links do not work for me?
A: For links that start with ed2k://|file|... to work You have to have a file sharing program installed on your PC. We suggest eMule, but there are other alternatives. You can also choose to download the same NDS ROMs from Toorent, DDL or RapidShare links.

Q: What does the letter at the end of each rom mean?
Like for example Resident Evil Deadly Silence (U)

A: NDS ROM naming consists of 5 parts:

  1. #### - 4 digit rom release number
    (based on time it was released and the previous number) 
  2. NDS Rom Name = Game Title
  3. Region the game was released in 
    (U) = U.S.A.
    (E) = Europeo
    (J) = Giappone
    (I) = Italiano
    (F) = Francese
    (G) = Tedesco
    (S) = Spagnolo
    (K) = Koreano
    (Ch) = Cinese
    (A) = Australia
    (Mx) = Multi Language

    the region also determines the languages available in the game
    USA - English, EUROPE - English + European languages, Japan - Japanese etc. 
  4. Release group that was first to dump and supplied the ROM file like
    (VENOM)(2CH)(GBXR)(Triforce)(WRG) etc.
  5. Optional at the end website name of the RomSite where rom was downloaded.

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