DSTWO for DS & GBA ROMs on DSi Review

SuperCard DStwo DS2SuperCard DSTWO DSi Game Backup Card for Your Ultimate Nintendo Gaming Needs

SuperCard’s DSTWO DSi game backup card is the most recently released flash card compatible with Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSi and DSi XL and features the Evolutionary Operating System. This high-end slot 1 flash card is the successor of the DSonei, which features a more powerful built-in CPU inside its cartridge. This high-tech CPU allow users to use a Game Boy Advance emulator (GBA emulator for DS / DSi), multimedia playback of various file formats including AVI and DivX formats and a very efficient Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES emulator for DS). Both GBA and SNES emulators can run games at full speed and with sound that other cards that do not have additional RAM and processing power are not capable of. This smooth, sleek and shiny flash card from SuperCard takes prides in exceptional and state-of-the-art features that can truly change your portable gaming experience.

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SuperCard DStwo SCDS2DSTWO DSi game backup card features RealTime functions like RealTime Save, RealTime Game in text, Bitmap and JPEG formats and RealTIme Cheats, saving of multiple games (up to slot 4), unlimited MicroSD storage capacity, support for a number of languages (including English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, French, Italian, Korean, Japanese and Spanish), four levels of Action Slow Motion, a File Management System, eBook support, and a much better user interface. The RealTime Save also allows the use of long filenames and easier creation of backup files. It quickly restores, saves and automatically detects 3D game technology. The improved functionality of the high quality built-in CPU allows cheat-code slow motion and a more efficient, precise and faster performance. An exclusive RealTime Game Guide is also integrated and does not require conversions for text files. This second generation SuperCard flash card is much easier to use and supports SDHC, FAT and FAT32. This storage device is iPlayer’s sole competitor in playing GBA games characterized by an emulator with a faster and straightforward setup process. This GBA emulator can play over hundreds of games from the GBA HomeBrew and GBA ROM. Aside from the GBA and SNES emulators, this one-of-a-kind flash card can also emulate other game consoles like NeoGeo and is expected to release more emulators in the future.

The DSTWO DSi game backup card is a breakthrough flash card with great functionalities. This flash card allows users to enjoy different forms of digital entertainment including high quality playbacks, eBook reader and the unmatched Nintendo gaming experience plus a file management system that allow users to copy, paste. The package includes the SuperCard’s second generation flash card, microSD reader, a user’s manual in your preferred language and a blue leather wrist strap. The RealTime features bring gaming into another level, with cheats and guides available in a snap. This game backup card is well-designed to suit your gaming needs and allows you to enjoy unlimited Nintendo game play. Tons of plug-ins are available for download and can be utilized to make additional features work. This latest flash kit also features an upgradable firmware and a strong user community, making it a good choice for long-term use. The user interface is easy to navigate and the CPU responds quickly to user commands. This high tech flash card is the best solution to all your Nintendo gaming needs.

List of Features

  • Gameboy Advance / GBA SP emulator for DSi and NDS that runs most games at full speed and with sound. And that is without a GBA SLOT on the DSi!
  • SNES Rom Emulation - Play Super Nintendo .smc files
  • MAME Rom Emulation - Play Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator games
  • AVI, DivX, XviD, MP3, MKV etc. - Can play all video file format without the need to convert them to MoonShell format. It is like a DivX Player you have for TV.

*** these features and emulators work ONLY on cards with extra processor in them like iPlayer, EX4DS (low quality DSTWO clone) and the SuperCard DSTWO.

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