Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow

Castlevania Rom DSKonami didn’t have to announce that a new Castlevania was coming to DS -- the fans were already expecting it. And because the 3 previous releases in the Game Boy made quite a name for themselves in 2D platform genre, gamers were just dying to know what additions could be made to our vampire-hunting quest in the Nintendo DS. Though some considered the release of Dawn of Sorrow as not as big a success as it should have been, we can all agree that Dawn of Sorrow has set a reputable name and gave a good kick start for the succeeding Castlevania titles to come. Here are a few things about Dawn of Sorrow you can watch out for.

  • The story

Dawn of Sorrow is a continuation of GBA’s Aria of Sorrow which was also was quite a successful title. The story takes place 1 year after Aria of Sorrow, and Soma believes that his powers were lost. After an attack from a woman named Celia, and gaining help from a mysterious man, Soma is once forced to venture out and get to the bottom of things. If you loved Soma Cruz back in Aria of Sorrow, you now have a chance to play again on a different setting.

  • Gameplay mechanics

Similar to Aria of Sorrow, you still have the Tactical Soul System where you absorb the souls of your enemies to gain different skills. A new and cool idea in this game is the Magic Seal System. When defeating Bosses you have to draw a seal on the touch screen in set amount of time to seal him completely. If you fail to do so, the boss shall regain hitpoints and you have to fight again.

  • The Julius mode

It has the same idea as the Julius mode in Aria of sorrow where you bring Julius Belmont, Yoko Belnades, or Alucard. The difference here except for the character, is that in the end, you face Soma Cruz.

Dawn of Sorrow is a very solid game that can be enjoyed by anyone. Maybe the only letdown of this Title is anime art style which tends to look less dark and grim than what it was supposed to be, and to some, a little bit out of place. Even after that, Dawn of Sorrow still gets a spot at the top for bringing the vampire-hunting goodness to DS and setting the stage for Order of Ecclesia, its sequel.

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