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Pokemon Platinum Rom DSPeople just never get enough of Pokemon. Who would have thought that Pokemon’s appeal would last over many years? Some didn’t really believe that Pokemon would make it far. Pokemon came to us in 1998, and Pokemon is still with us today. There is just no stopping Pokemon’s dominance. And with Pokemon Diamond and Pearl coming to Nintendo DS, Pokemon’s popularity is all but increasing. Although the idea is ultimately the same, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl have a few things that make it a new experience for everyone.

  • Pokemon Diamond and Pearl takes on a new look and interface. A definite improvement in its visual appearance. The upper screen is where the 3rd person view of the field map where all the action takes place and the bottom screen displays the poketech, where time, player status, and other information can be viewed.
  • More Pokemon to collect. With every version, the number of collectable Pokemon increases, and now, it’s at a stunning 493. Perfectionists that really want to catch them all will need to give a lot more effort. Some Pokemon can only be gained in certain ways. Some are a secret and some can only be gained by trading. With all that said, and the number of Pokemon out there, Diamond and Pearl is definitely harder than the ones that came before it.
  • The coolest feature of them all and brings this game to life is its Wi-Fi Connectivity. This allows players to battle rivals online, trade online, voice chat, and play mini-games online. This opens a whole new world of possibilities and adventure for Pokemon fans all over the world.


Pokemon Diamond and Pearl gives a solid RPG game together with those, sometime cute, sometimes monstrous, collectable creatures. It is a great game, and who knows how long it’ll be around. But with Pokemon Platinum coming out, we can only expect Pokemon to be around even longer.


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