Professor Layton and the Unwound Future nds rom

the worldends rom dsIn this exelent adventure / puzzle game Our dear Prof. Layton and his young friend Luke travel to the city of London in order to explore the supposed Time Machine. Adventures this time start by Layton recieving a ten year old letter from his apprentice, Luke Triton, who is in the future. Current day Luke and his mentor looks for clues and as usual solves mysteries as they use the Time Machine to travel in to the Londof of tomorrow. Mysteries unfold, and aspects of future become revealed.

After the success of the first two versions of the DS Professor Layton, the Third Nintendo should not be seen as a surprise, the location. His unique blend of puzzle and mystery of storytelling mystery in a way, is one of the unique and exciting gaming experience for the system and a style that has already won the hearts of gamers worldwide. Professor Layton and the future will Unwound fans on a journey through time at one of its most interesting missions to date. But what about this new adventure of the first two titles have been waiting for the fans, and it does bring the charm of its predecessor?

For those who are not entitled Professor Layton, play with, is essentially a mystery adventure based around a classical puzzles and you can move through the many puzzles to solve. What exactly is the damage to global history is not to say, out of fear, and with a history of this fascinating, do not know we run the risk. Suffice it to say that the story is very good. Every time you solve a puzzle, you must buy something in the game, if anything real or important information you need. When entering any area of the game, from learning to use your stylus on the screen, tap on various objects around the interaction with them. You can also use the various fields with the symbol of the shoes, the yellow arrows will be presented with an indication of the direction that can be moved today. Professor_Layton_and_the_Unwound_Future_NDS-VENOM

The teacher also strain on the icon in the upper left corner of the screen that shows a series of options to choose from. For example, give you an overview Journal icon and all about anything you have seen from the perspective of Professor Layton. This can be a good option if you need game go back and review the latest developments in. The icon shows you all the secrets of the mysteries is now bound up and tells you whether they were resolved. These good place to look for when you feel lost and do not know what to do next. Of course there is also the index to be solved all the different puzzle puzzle already. You can even go back and one of the mysteries unlocked at any time during the game, if you are inclined Sun

Besides the main plot there are also some new mini games that appear in this adventure. The picture book allows you the opportunity to place three of the sticker books is that the solving of riddles played in the main quest in one. By your pages, the story changed to fit tags on. Once you correctly fill in all the history books, picture books can be opened. Toy car has a unique mini-game where you must collect your toy car to the surface, while all of the items shown hanging around any track in the process. You are given a car number of fields with an arrow at the turn, and you know where to put them to the entire track. As you solve puzzles in the adventure, you will find to play other titles. While these mini-games like ridiculous compared to the main quest, both are very nice and a good distraction from the main part.

While the secret is the meat of an entertainment value, is difficult puzzle that lend a unique charm. These are diverse and include in the design of mathematical word problems, puzzles, mazes, and many other challenges are difficult to solve for you. Some of them are relatively simple design, while others can be very difficult, and it is CAP set on your way of thinking which, if they have any hope of a solution. They are puzzles rewarded by the number of attempts it takes to solve. Experiments, at least most picarats, a currency, you win. It is a good incentive to go to stop and really think about the puzzle, before scoring a quick response. It may also be able Puzzle Find the hidden parts of a special tip can be used to buying the put for advice if you are.

The history plays an important role in the progression of the game and offer all the clues necessary to solve various puzzles. Although it revolves around a secret, there are those that appear on the street, you will have to solve to advance in your quest. It is well designed and written to keep the plot during his trip participation. Even the same controls are very intuitive and easy to play players of all ages. They also allow you to maneuver concentrate on what is at hand, rather than going through a series of complicated. It is clear that the developers knew that to do with the original version of Professor Layton and not try to reinvent the wheel together when there are new adventure left to them.

It is undeniable that the storybook visual Professor Layton and the future availability impressive. The game classic European look, the IT area is the perfect setting for your type of detective novel, and everyone is new as attractive as before. Even the scenes that appear to be regular intervals in a very smooth and well animated. The designers obviously put a bit of time to play the game as good as them, and this extra effort is worth the finished product.

The musical performance is very similar to the visual effects in a way that with the other aspects of the game and the sound seems seamlessly fits like a glove. There are a number of pieces of music, the dialogue, you can enjoy the incredible voice and adds only what is already an impressive sound experience. With a title that has a classical European and Professor Layton, you should assume that action would be the danger of exaggerating the voice, but the developers have managed to keep the main theme of exaggerated without seeming forced or. It is as good as previous versions, even better, in some puzzles.


Professor Layton and Unwound future not too far from the success of the first two steps, the attention increased the offer to what is easily the best argument for the series so far, not to mention two of the best mini-games on. It is safe to say that if you're a fan of the franchise is a game that definitely will not miss. And of course if you continue the series, this fascinating book should provide all the necessary premiums, the chance to finally once again.

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