Art Academy (DS)

Advance Wars Rom DSThere are some potentials when it comes to DS paint packages however there are only a handful of them. The usual ones belong to the category of colouring-in software programs that gives you an outline to paint. Art Academy is a different and more profound kind of program in a sense that it will help you understand art, teach you art, and also make sure that whatever piece of art you are working on, you will be able to complete it satisfactorily.

Art Academy is primarily designed for Nintendo DS and DS Lite. For other consoles like the DSi and the DSi XL, it is readily downloadable from the DSi Shop. The downloadable version comes in 2 parts, which are brought together for the cartridge version.

You will be able to get 10 lessons, in which an artist by the name of Leonardo will teach you step-by-step on how to paint various images. You will then follow the lessons he gives you and copy whatever it is he’s doing so that you would also learn how to use the tools and techniques available in the game.
If you draw an apple, you will be guided through choosing the right kind of pencil tools to be used in outlining and shading. You will also be taught about how shadows are affected by light. Once you have mastered this, you will then proceed on drawing a tree, including apples and flowers plus an ocean scene.

Rest assured that every lesson in the game is easy and quite simplified. However, there may be times when you will get a bit confused because some instructions aren’t very clear in terms of what you are supposed to do. But all in all, it is a straightforward program that will truly teach you art.

Free Paint
Based on feedback from people who have been using Art Academy, one of the features that you will use often is the Free Paint. With this you will be able to draw freely and make use of any paint you wish. Those who need some inspiration can also take advantage of the wide selection of images available, and simply set this to stay on the top screen as you draw on the bottom screen. DSi users can even take their very own photos and use this for inspiration.

Perhaps the only downside we can think of for the Art Academy would be the fact that there isn’t any option to copy completed paintings to a photo album, since this is not available for the DS and the DS Lite. This may be possible for the DSiWare but not for the previous two. But then again, this isn’t the game’s fault at all but more of a limitation for hardware.

If you happen to own a DSi or even the XL, then we would definitely recommend the Art Academy games because you can get it cheaply plus you can also store the photos on your SD card. However, if you don’t have a DSi, it is still worth trying this program because as it happens, it is the best software for art on the DS and is still worth checking out.


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