Pokemon SoulSilver Version

Pokemon SoulSilver Rom DSThe Soul Silver is basically another version of Silver. Along with Gold, Silver has been considered the best Pokemon games of all times. Now with the Pokemon Soul Silver available in Nintendo DS, you will surely be looking forward to get a copy for yourself. Take note that it is also now equipped with one cool function which is the Pokewalker.

Gameplay: 8 out of 10
With the Pokemon Soul Silver, you will be able to control the trainer just like you have been able to with the Pearl and the Diamond. The menu already has been revised though and there are new functions included with the Silver. However, the game does not have that “new” feel to it. It is still similar to Diamond and Pearl, just with another set of trainers. You can see new structures like the Pokeathlon, but you will also not be able to see some old ones, like the Super Contests, which is not very good news for most of us. In its entirety though, the game still takes your breath away and many people could easily forget the downside.

Graphics: 6 out of 10
Hmm… there isn’t much to say about the graphics aspects. Almost everything is in square 1, and the trainer still seems a bit strange. Although the graphics have improved compared to old versions, which is good. There are also new functions such as being able to travel with the Pokemon with you, and that is definitely something that a lot of people like. Still, you can’t really expect much from the graphics side, and you shouldn’t, lest you want to be disappointed.

Plot/Storyline: 6 out of 10
Well, the plot has become quite repetitive actually. As always, your goal is to become the best trainer there is.  Bad guys called the Team are present, and you will also meet them with aliases such as Aqua, Rocket, and Magma. But the reason why we gave the plot/storyline a 6 instead of a 4 or a 5 is that this time, you can visit another region, very much unlike before… so kudos on that!
As usual, you're going to be the best trainer... yeah, isn't that a little repetitively? There are bad guys often called Team and then a name like Rocket, Aqua, Magma etc... But this game offers you the ability to visit another region! That lets the storyline score go up a level!

Extra Function- Pokewalker: 10 out of 10
As mentioned, there is a new feature called Pokewalker. This feature lets you deposit your Pokemon and train it. This also enables you to catch new pokemons and collect watts while you go find items. It is definitely a cool new function that will let you have more fun in the game and at the same time, it also helps you to train your pokemons in case you won’t have enough time to play.

Multi-Player: 10 out of 10
Ah, here’s something that Pokemon Silver can certainly boast of- it’s multi player ability. It is always important to be able to play and enjoy the game with your friends. Fun hours spent with other gamers next to you or maybe a thousand miles away can be possible with the Multi Player function of the Pokemon Silver. Trade pokemons through GTS with friends, and you can likewise go on battle with or against them. You just need to connect to Wi-Fi plaza so that you can play with people everywhere.

Overall: 9 out of 10
Without doubt, the Pokemon Silver is one of the most popular games out there but unfortunately, it’s graphics and plot needs some improvement. Still, you are sure to enjoy the game and it’s surely worth the money and time spent.

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