Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Rom DSPhil Snyder, who happens to be the English voice actor for the character Jiminy Cricket, informed the public through his website that we was already recording his preliminary voice work for the Kingdom Hearts Re:coded.

This game is basically a remake of the Kingdom Hearts coded, the English version that was designed for the NDS, just like the Re:Chain of Memories, which is for the PlayStation 2. This time, the Re:coded was being presented at E3 2010.

For those who are excited for the release of this game, you can expect it to be similar to 358/2 Days, Birth by Sleep, and the original coded. However, this time the game will utilize 358/2 Day’s leveling system, except that it is a simplified version and is naturally more suitable to people who aren’t serious gamers. The story is still the same, but expect to see more new scenes. There is even a secret movie and maybe even a release of Kingdom Hearts 3D.












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