Toy Story 3 Version

Toy Story 3 Rom DSMost players will probably spend their time in the game’s Story Mode, and will switch to imaginary play world, with characters like Buzz and Woody, and the real world, as they try their hardest to get back to Andy’s room.

The real world part is full of platforming, and you get alternates between Woody and Buzz on varying levels.  Both characters have their very own special powers For example, Woody make use of the pull-cord as a whip and even a swing that will take them from point A to point B. The real world levels are quite close to the actually movie plot, with some text-filled scenes. Reading level is quite basic although there are some scenes that may need help from parents so that the child can understand better.

Flying Mini Game
The imaginary levels of the game are brought about by certain events that are found in the real world phase, and these are essentially full of action-packed mini games. You will find Buzz flying in space as well as eliminating Zurg’s robots; and you can also see Woody trying to stop a runaway train. The Tower Defense has some nice games as well.  Majority of the games are fun and exciting but there are probably one or two odd ones that don’t quite mix with the rest.

The movie-based games of Toy Story may be known as poor quality game but not the The Video Game (Toy Story 3), which has been designed and developed for NDS. This is a rather different game that is enjoyable and charming, and so much unlike the other Toy Story games.






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