Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon Rom DSThe Harvest Moon is somewhat different from previous games but it is quite refreshing.  With this game, you start out as a new farmer but then everything’s already ready and laid out for you. For example, you will not need to build a farmhouse because it’s already done. The Bazaar’s main focus is to raise crops and make lots of produce so you can sell it in the kiosk every weekend.

You will find lots of fun surprises, like having no more conflicts on holidays. Birthdays and festivals are already kept on different dates to avoid issues. Aside from seeing old festivals that you have been used to in previous games, you will also get to see new ones.

The stable is connected to the home, which kind of makes it hard for you to move around. However, it is similar to the older Harvest Moon such as those you would have probably played in Gameboy color, because it lets you expand the planting area. Also, you have an outdoor pen where you can let your chickens eat and run around, saving you the hassle of chopping lumber to build it. You also get to have Windmills. So with more money saved, you can work on expansion and purchasing of needed farm tools. Animals, tools, and expansion costs can be quite high so be wary of these.

Unfortunately, the bachelor lineup is kind of boring so too bad for girls. The good news is, more can be expected from the bachelorette lineup. No translation errors in the Harvest Moon, which is really good to know. Perhaps the only issue here is that the game only lets you save when you are already about to sleep, and this can be a problem especially for those who are considered compulsive savers.

But another plus points to the new Harvest Moon is that it lets you use your stylus for whatever you want. However, those who would rather use buttons and control pads can do so as well. Sound effects are amazing, too.

This Harvest Moon game moves quicker than older versions, because you won’t have any need to build just about everything. Building everything kind of gets to you eventually though I did love them at first. I would rate this game an 8 out of 10.


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