Sonic Colors DS

Sonic Colors Rom DSSonic gamers are playing as Sonic the Hedgehog and are also utilizing the moveset features in the game, Sonic Unleashed. He travels each planet in order to save Wisps from the evil Dr. Eggman. The version available for Wii uses a mix of 2D and 3D, while the NDS version makes use of the dual screens quite similar to the Sonic Rush.

In the game, you can make use of the colored energy powers that can be obtained from the Wisps. This will let you traverse the environments and be able to check out new areas out there. There are about 8 Wisps in the Wii, and 6 in the NDS; there are Wisps exclusive to each console. There are standard White Wisps such as the Cyan Laser, and these give the Sonic an extra boost like bouncing off surfaces.

There are special stages in the NDS version, and this controls just like the Sonic Rush; and they require you to collect specially colored spheres. A co-op multiplayer mode, which can be accessed if you collect enough special rings, has 2 Sonic bots and they both work together to clear some stages, and to combine Wisp powers. You can also find online leader boards in the game, both for Wii and NDS.









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