Dragon Quest V

Advance Wars Rom DSDQV
In terms of mechanics, it can be said that DQV is definitely one amazing game. But there are areas that need to be improved so that the game can have a fresher appeal. It is worth mentioning however that DQV also has several strong points, including: it’s storyline and the personal and intimate odyssey that you would hardly be able to see in the series.

Graphics: 9/10
I really like the graphics of the game and I could say it is at par with the Zelda games for NDS. You can find the battle scenes in full 3D, and the characters can be customized graphically from head to toe. There was just one part that I wasn’t completely sold when it comes to the graphics, and this is the fact that the NPC’s are sprites. You see, with this issue you get to be an amazing character in the game but you are surrounded with plain paper cutouts.

Sound: 10/10
With the game, you have the classic Dragon Quest soundtrack complete. But what’s even better with the Dragon Quest IX is that you will be able to battle fighting bosses using their very own music. And I really think this feature is just amazing. One thing I did notice though, and this is really just my opinion, is that the music for Quester’s Rest or the Rikka’s Inn can get kind of jarring if you listen to it for a long time.

Gameplay: 10/10
Well, the gameplay is what you would expect from a standard Dragon Quest installment. But it’s that and a lot more too. There are several changes in the gameplay, such as not being able to engage in random battles since they are now quite similar to Earthbound. There are quests that will most likely distract you from the story so you should be a little wary of this. Moreover, you can now customize your characters and you wouldn’t have to fuss over level grinding. What’s even more is that you can now help a friend through the story, and you can do this by joining this person’s in-game or you can invite them into your world. Essentially, the game is equipped with the co-op capability.


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