4 Heroes of Light

Final Fantasy Rom DSNintendo DS RPG console game, the Four Heroes of Light was developed by the reputable Matrix Software and has been released for Nintendo DS by Square Enix. This game, which was released in the latter part of 2009 in Japan, is a spin-off of the Final Fantasy games, starring a boy whose name is Brandt. On Brandt’s 14th birthday he was called by the kingdom and was tasked to rescue a princess from the hands of an evil witch known only as the Witch of the North.
According to Tomoya Asano, the Four Heroes of Light is basically a classic RPG game of fantasy that utilizes the wonders of the latest gaming technology.

In this game you will encounter random enemies and have battles that would remind you of the Final Fantasy games that were designed for the Famicom. The only difference is that the Nintendo DS’ Four Heroes of Light makes use of the “Charge” command instead of the traditional magic points. You can have a maximum of 4 characters to join the party and you can change their appearance, according to the armor and weapons they are equipped with. Players can also select the classes of the characters according to the Crown System.

The game is very much close to the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. Here you can see that it makes use of cell-shaded art style that looks like a picture book.  Also, with regard to battles, it is just exactly how the usual Final Fantasy battles work. Job systems now include 20 jobs and features having the freedom to give each character your choice of ability sets. You can get 4 people to join the game using the multiplayer mode.

With the Four Heroes of Light, you can expect a re-imagining of the NES versions of the first Final Fantasy. You will see 4 brave warriors of light that will fight and destroy the world’s elemental bad guys. But this time it is a bit different in a sense that the storyline is changed and there are also no gameplay conventions.


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