Professor Layton 3DS rom

Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle 3dsThe English version of the game was mentioned during the E3 2010 press conference of Nintendo, and Level-5’s rep mentioned that this game is designed for the Nintendo 3DS. As to other details such as when this game will be released for NDS Lite and NDSi, no information has been given yet.

Professor Layton 3DS Plot

The professor and Luke are following the character Jean Descole, as they proceed to the Casino City. He is looking for his mask. This mysterious city was made through the Mask of Miracle; this mask can fulfill your wishes if you are the one wearing it. Professor and Luke need to find out the truth about this powerful mask and the truth is hidden in it.

Professor Layton 3DS Characters

There are 2 main characters and these are: Professor Hershel Layton and Luke Triton. The professor is a well known person who can solve puzzles. He is popular in London because he has an amazingly accurate intuition. Luke Triton, on the other hand, is his apprentice who happens to be the son of his friend, Clark Triton. He journeys with Layton in every single adventure.








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