Pokemon Platinum

Pokemon Platinum Rom DSThe 3rd installment of the Pokemon series Diamond and Pearl is the game called Pokemon Platinum. At this point in time, you can only find the Japanese version in the market. The mascot is named Giratina, in its new, more developed form. This time the mascot has no legs and basically takes the image of a floating centipede.


Well, you can expect the gameplay to be close to the usual Pokemon games. At the start, you will get 3 pokemons named, Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup. Turtwig is a grass turtle, Chimchar is a fire monkey, while Piplup is a water penguin. A player will need to battle the Elite 4, collect badges, and then complete the Pokedex simply by catching pokemons and trading them.
New Features
The Pokemon Platinum has many amazing new features, and it is definitely better than the Diamond and Pearl. One example of a feature that it can brag about is the Poketch; it lets you move up and down now instead of the usual up. In addition to the Poketch, you will also appreciate another feature called Battle Frontier. In terms of the appearance of the pokemon, you will probably be glad to know that the Pokemon now looks different. The trainer will also get to dance before the battle. Other revisions and new features include: nametags in black, new towns, new pokemon forms, new characters, new places to discover, and new items.


Well, you might be happy to know that the graphics bit is definitely better than the Diamond and Pearl. Moreover, the sprites have improved, too. The characters are now featured with new looks and there’s snow in trees, streets, and buildings.


I bet you thought you’d see the same old plot again and again, huh? But you will have the surprise of your life when you find out just how different the plot is from the Diamond and Pearl. The professor (Professor Rowan) will give you the starter pokemon and once that has been given, you will then battle with a rival. You and the rival will then go to the lake right after battle and meat the Team Galactic’s leader. No one has any idea why he’s there but anyway, his appearance should signal the start of your many exciting adventures.


You can’t expect much from the controls still. The Pokemon Platinum hardly makes use of the NDS features and it does not utilize the microphone and touch screen most of the time.


Same music/sound track as Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.


The Pokemon Platinum is still one heck of a pokemon game. Any person, no matter how new or old you are to the Pokemon series, should buy a copy, if you are fun of the series. You will have lots of fun with the game; but just take note that the game so far only has the Japanese version.

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