Etrian Odyssey III

Etrian Odyssey III Rom DS"From a tree, the sea: this game is Etrian Odyssey III"

Intro If you ever played Etrian Odyssey. You'll love this new title from Atlus introduced. This game is like the robots with a prison sentence of two other (and Etrian Odyssey Etrian Odyssey II heroes of late). Etrian Odyssey 3 may be the visitors to the starfish one of my favorite games for the DS time this year and I was very pleased that this game is the third time he said this, but if you played the other two, will you this story is 10.6

The game known in a coastal city such as AMRO, which is surrounded by the beautiful sea set. Amro in the ancient civilization with a high bloom. But because of the great earthquake which took place place a hundred years ago, the central part of the city sank into the sea, with their superior technology. After the "great catastrophe", has a labyrinth created in the cavity of the city by the earthquake seemed. The people around the world gathered to Amro for clues that have disappeared to the city. Adventure ventured into the gaping hole swallowed that most of the city and lost technology. Some have sought the truth behind the "major disaster", while others the treasures beneath the sea floor not bury you really understand the scenario 3 / 4 of the labyrinth were looking for. Also annoying, but the game is why many ways.

Soundtrack 10:10 accessible from Etrian Odyssey some of the best music in a DS game. The topics of the layers and by the sounds of a beach, rainforest and even an ancient pyramid. The composer of this game has done an excellent job, and I heard the stratum Channel 6 º 2 good hours 10.12 The game of the new style in this game is awesome. You can choose not only the skills of any character limit in your party, but we must also look at the level of intensive grinding role-playing game of all offers. But I think this game easier than the other 2 provides a view to achieving a level by the enemy. But most of the greatest enemies of the layer is known as the enemy for the first time they find it much to do, run away to seem insurmountable at first, but turns out to be fun. Did I mention you get 12 new chart types

14/10 in one word: OUTSTANDING explore animation of the new layer of the intro to a lot of fun. The design of the prison remains the same, but I really liked what ATUS new classes. The layers are done in terms of surprises, and I thought it was the best part of this general 10.10 Playing this game is perfect for those who love robots modern prison. This game will soon be in North America, and a good addition to the series of Etrian Odyssey. If I won and II make it a point III to buy. You won "t regret authors

Score: 10/10, first published: 04/19/10 Game Release: No Ancient Capital Sekaiju III: Seikai no Raihousha (JP, 01/04/1910)

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