Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Kingdom Hearts - 358-2 Days Rom DSThis game features action RPG and is very much similar to its previous installments. The game utilizes very minimal touch screen requirements and you can play it without using the feature at all.

The game has both single player and multiplayer modes; the single player is focused on the past games’ Disney Worlds, so it is more of a story-based progressive game. On the other hand, on the multi player mode, the player will also get to take control of the main protagonist, Roxas, who is present with other members of the Organization XIII. The two modes can be linked for character development that both of them share.

The 358/2 Days likewise boasts of a new gameplay; this is the panel system that lets you customize items, equipment, abilities, and even the character’s levels. As an example, you cannot use magic spells if the panels aren’t equipped with it, but you can use them if there are multiples attached. You can also equip weapons with the use of panels and it even features “Link Panels” to enable you to make use of multiple slots. You can mix with other panels in order to take advantage of newer, and stronger abilities.

Featured in the past Final Fantasy series, Limit Breaks, can be put into action if the character’s health goes below the limit, as indicated by the yellow-colored bar. Each of the game’s character has his very own unique powers and abilities, and these things will enable it to fight enemies altogether.

In the 2nd stage, the Final Limit is a bit different; it starts at the point where the top dead center meets with the white line, which is found at the end of the HP bar’s yellow portion.


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