Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games Rom DSFinally, the Winter Olympics version has arrived. Characters of both amazing series, Mario and the Sonic, are once again put in one game to compete and have fun in the snowy sports events. Is it a good edition? Read on to find out.

GAMEPLAY: 8 out of 10
In the Winter Olympics, it is just similar to the Summer Olympics in such a way that you can choose events and characters that you like. You can experiment from the events. Just take note that some of them are quite similar, while some require buttons; and there are also those that require the use of stylus. No Wi-Fi for the Winter Olympics, just wireless.

The Single Player mode lets you choose between Quick Play, Multi Rounds, Party Games, and the Adventure Tour. You can also make use of a new feature, which gives you the ability to go against your own Ghost, also called the Staff Ghost. You can unlock the Dream Events if you come first in some of the events on Single Player mode. There are also 4 new characters to the game, 2 for each party.

I like the Summer Olympics over the Winter Olympics, but the events offer better variety, with varying control schemes and even lots of activities that make use of the Touch Screen.

GRAPHICS: 9 out of 10
Very nice graphics! The characters no longer look pixilated as before. The environment is refreshing and clear, and you have 3 weather types. The game does not slow down even when you are in events that have snow conditions. Smooth graphics with beautiful pictures, and a 3D feel all throughout.

The Winter Olympics is a solid game, and you should play it. You can have lots of fun with the multi player mode. Plus with the improved gameplay and graphics, you will enjoy every event played.

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